Membership is now CLOSED




New applicants to HPRC should review the following requirements to become a “Member in Good Standing”.

New applicants shall successfully complete the mandatory supervised Club Level Safety (CLS) course. The five (5) hour CLS will be scheduled by club executive.

Upon successful completion of the CLS, composed of supervised live shooting and written test, the new applicant will be placed on a ninety (90) day probation period. During this period, members will be issued a blue Probationary MEMBER’S card. Members MUST attend the club a minimum of six (6) times. During the probationary six (6) visits members MUST demonstrate the following:

  • Safe handling of firearms, to HPRC club standards.
  • Ability to follow all Club Rules and Regulations
  • Proper firearm and club etiquette

Probationary members are prohibited from using ANY firearms larger than 22 rimfire.

22 calibre handguns and/or rifles will be allowed. GUESTS will NOT be allowed during the probationary period.

Follow the link below to complete the online application.

Online application link


Annual Membership Fees include access to both the Indoor and Outdoor ranges as well as access to and participation in club events (some of which are subject to additional fees). Annual Membership dues are collected every September during the club AGM (Annual General Meeting) which we strongly encourage all members, and specifically new members to attend (attendance is not mandatory to join the club). The current cost of annual membership for full facility access is $300.00 per year. Members paying outside of the AGM are required to remit annual dues no later than the last day of December in order to remain in good standing.

Our club has full membership with the Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) and as such  membership with us includes $5 million of liability insurance through the NFA.


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