COVID-19 Restrictions

As of July 13th (Monday) face masks are REQUIRED in the Indoor Range.

As of May 19th (Tuesday) at 8:00am the Indoor range will open with restrictions.Beginning on Tuesday there will be 3 members (maximum), allowed in the range at any one time. Guests will not be allowed, at this time. Action League shooting will not be allowed.

Alternate stalls will be closed, to maintain the 2m social distancing requirement.The staging area (unlocking/prepping of firearms) will have designated areas for each stall.  i.e. Stall 2 will have its own staging area. This is to maintain the 2m requirement.If a member arrives and there are 3 members signed in then either wait outside or return later in the day. Members arriving after the maximum number allowed may inquire how long the member intends on shooting.

Members, upon arrival, are responsible to disinfect contacted surfaces.Wash your hands with soap and water regularly and thoroughly. Disinfectant wipes will be available in limited quantities at the range but members will be responsible to bring their own hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes.Masks are not mandatory, but are recommended.Utilize the DLead wipes to clean your firearms, skin etc. from contaminants. Note: the DLead wipes are NOT disinfectant wipes.

We will continue to monitor the provinces’ and health officials’ restrictions and will respond accordingly.

As of June 15th the OUTDOOR RANGE is open to a maximum of 10 people. Guest are allowed at the outdoor range ONLY. Social distancing of 2 meters is required.

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