Club Regulations

As anyone with experience in shooting sports would expect, Club Rules and Regulations vary drastically from facility to facility. For existing and/or new members, we have attached a .PDF file to the link below which will allow you to review and familiarize yourself with our current club Rules and Regulations.

Both the indoor and outdoor ranges are limited to pistol calibre and rimfire firearms ONLY to a maximum of 25 yards. Shotguns are allowed, at the OUTDOOR range ONLY, to a maximum of 7 1/2 shot .

Please note, these Rules and Regulations are subject to revision at any time throughout the member’s year. Notification via email or print will be provided as necessary to all existing club members.

If you have any specific questions regarding range safety, firearms operation, calibre allowance, dues etc., please contact us through our General Enquiry form on the Contact page

HPRC Rules & Regulations – Posted at the Indoor range

If you currently own a Non-restricted Firearm and wish to transfer ownership to another individual in posession of a valid PAL you can download the Transfer Form by clicking HERE.

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